Upstart Crow Studios

The client work done for Upstart Crow Studios was a group project with two other journalism school students. We worked as a group to create some of the work below, but some items I did alone.

General Overview:

Upstart Crow Studios is a children’s theater that is dedicated to bringing professional arts to children in Eugene regardless of a child’s talent, challenges or financial barriers. The company puts on productions four times a year with all the students inclusively. Upstart Crow is a non-profit organization designed to provide an inclusive environment for youth. The concept of the company sets itself apart from other organizations due to its emphasis on diversity.

Creative Brief:

The Creative Brief below I created individually to highlight some of the important elements of Upstart Crow.



Suggested Social Media:


The two posters below I created and suggested that Upstart Crow Studios post them on its Facebook page.

Other elements of the social media plan were done with group members.


The infographic below I created individually for Upstart Crow Studios. My focus for the infographic was to draw in potential parents and highlight some of the wonderful things that Upstart Crow Studios does.



The video was done to highlight a specific case of a mother that wanted to help her daughter get connected to something she loves through Upstart Crow Studios. The video was a collaborative piece done with group members. We all shared some of the shooting and editing of the video.

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