Food for Lane County

Food for Lane County in Eugene, Oregon is a food bank that offers a various array of programs that help alleviate hunger in Lane County.

These first three pieces are from a class project where the team, myself and two other university students, conducted various media audits and constructed a strategic media plan.

Social Media Audit (External)

We reviewed traffic on social media concerning Food For Lane County and its activities in the area, as well as trying to gauge the local conversation on the issue of hunger and food insecurity.

ListeningMonitoring & Influencer Identification

Full Presentation

Social Media Audit (Internal)

In addition to reviewing general traffic of other individuals talking about FFLC, the team also analyzed the organization’s own social media channels.

Final Project Part 1_ Social Media Audit

Full Presentation

Social Media Plan

Untitled design (1)

Full Plan


Highlight the various programs that FOOD for Lane County has.

Food For Lane County.jpg

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