A Quick Trip to Canada

Over this past weekend, I was thankful enough to travel to Vancouver, BC to attend Alpha Phi Omega's Section 8 Conference. I was voted in by my chapter as a voting delegate so I was in charge of voting for positions and awards on behalf of Zeta Psi, the University of Oregon's APO chapter. The... Continue Reading →

My Patagonia Phobia

So I've always been a dedicated Columbia Sportswear consumer and by dedicated, I mean I pretty much vowed to never buy Patagonia, North Face or really any other outdoor clothing brand. I've always been extremely happy with Columbia's clothing and have never had a problem finding things that I need or items that are simply on... Continue Reading →

Where I’m From

Every class seems to have a unique way of starting the term. My Strategic Public Relations Communication class, which is a writing class for Public Relations majors, started with a poem assignment. Poems are not a common writing piece for a PR professional, so it was a bit challenging. The outline of the poem came... Continue Reading →

Winter Break 2017

The best part about college is that awesome break between fall and spring where you get an entire month away from school. No classes, no work, no worries right? Yes, but no. For me, my break was extra work, stressing about what comes after graduation and dealing with family. Though there were many ups and... Continue Reading →

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