A Letter to My Freshman-Self

It's been a year since I graduated from the University of Oregon and I thought I'd reflect back on my freshman year and write a letter to myself. I've seen several "letters to my freshman-self" or "letters to my high school-self" and after reading them and reflecting myself, I think it's a great thing to... Continue Reading →

A Letter to my Future Husband

Since I've been thinking about letters recently, I've decided to write a few. These letters are meant to simply express how I feel about certain topics. This one is to my future husband. Now if you've been following my posts you'll know I'm currently in a relationship. This letter is not pointed to this person... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Thinking About Letters

They say that letter writing is a lost art. I'd have to, sadly, agree. It was once considered a romantic notion to receive a hand-written letter from an admirer. I personally wish that writing hand-written letters were still a grand gesture and were common in the "courting" ritual. Now the closest thing we have is... Continue Reading →

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