Blue Pool – Oregon

Though I'm writing here at the end of the second week of school, I'm looking back at the end of the first week. I was able to go on a short hike to Blue Pool. The photo opportunities were plentiful and I experimented with my camera and Photoshop.   The hike was a really nice... Continue Reading →

Summer Hikes – Columbine Lake

I was able to snag a friend and continue my summer hiking goal and headed up to Columbine Lake yesterday. The weather was perfect, the trail was beautiful and the company was great. Of course, I brought my camera along with me and snapped a couple photos along the way. The moose were a bonus.

Summer Hikes – Devil’s Thumb

I took a solo journey up to Devil's Thumb on July 6th. It was amazing but challenging four-hour hike where I was able to take some wonderful pictures. Living in the Rocky Mountains is a blessing and every chance I get I like to hike and take in the beauty around me in Grand County.... Continue Reading →

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