Journal Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Your Favorite Memory

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

**I apologize for the delay of this post. I thought I scheduled it but alas I did not.

Now, this is kind of unfair because can you really have just one favorite memory?

I have to say one of my favorite memories would have to be my Junior River Trip in high school. Now I know I’ve talked about this river trip before so I’m just going to give a little blurb about it again and if you want to know a little more I’m going to send you to this post about heading back to high school and how Adventure Education changed my high school experience.


I’m dropping this photo in here again because it sums up what happened on the Green River in April of 2014 when 18 Middle Park High School juniors came together to have a wonderful week of rafting. Lots of love, friendship and discovering ourselves.

One of the major highlights of this trip was my boat group. Each boat had six students and we had to work together to accomplish so many things while on the river. My boat group, Hozhooji, was so hard working but also so fun loving and we had the best time. We laughed, we played games and we genuinely got to know each other better even though we spent three years in the same classes and playing on the same sports teams.

One part in particular, which is also depicted in the picture above, was the blind rapid exercise. It might be hard to tell but if you look at the picture closely you can see each and every one of us is blindfolded. We had to navigate as a team (with the aid of our boat captain who was not blindfolded – safety was a priority I promise) back to our boats, push off from the shore and navigate through a rapid with only our sense of touch and listening to our captain and teammates.

It was a scary exercise, though now as a staff member about to embark on the same trip, I know why it’s important to test the kids and their trust in you as a staff member and all the other students that you rely on in your boat group. Building trust is a huge theme for the Adventure Education programs and it truly changes your perspective on some of your classmates and even some of your relationships with your teachers.

Of course, there will be more information about this trip in May so stay tuned.

Journal Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Your Favorite Birthday

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Again, this is unfair, I shouldn’t have to just narrow down one favorite birthday. I will choose one for this post though because it’s the first one that came to mind.

I had a birthday when I was in elementary school (I really can’t remember which one it was though) at the local ice rink in Flagstaff. We rented a room which my mom thought would be a private party room but was instead a locker room. Now you can imagine an ice rink locker room that was used for hockey teams and the stench that came with it. It was a little blip in the party plan but a little laugh as well.

I had told everyone that was attending that I wanted anything Polly Pocket related. I was going through that little doll phase that every little girl goes through.

Everyone took my present suggestion to heart and I got soooo many Polly Pocket kits that some were duplicates and I got to head to Target to check out which ones I didn’t get. I was so overjoyed and I remember having such a blast skating around. At the time I had two different friend groups, my school friends and my ski team friends so it was great to have the two worlds collide for my birthday.

Now I haven’t really skated much since then until a couple years ago when I went with a friend and I was so bad I hugged the wall the entire time while she skated around me in circles laughing.

It was definitely a fun birthday that I’ll always remember.

Journal Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: Your First Kiss

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Oh boy is this a story I wish I didn’t remember.

I actually got asked in college at work one day about my first kiss and I genuinely couldn’t remember in the moment and then in a sudden terrible realization it all came flooding back and my coworker who had asked me burst into laughter cause he saw the sudden remembrance on my face. I had mentally blocked out the memory in my mind.

Now I laugh about it again, sort of. So want to hear it?

It was summer, I was at a camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon. I was in the 6th grade I think. Could have been 7th. I was away for 10 days and started to get chatty with a boy who I think was a year or two older than me. Anyway, one day during “afternoon activities” I found myself alone with said boy because no one else had signed up for tennis. We jokingly played some terrible tennis because frankly, I was awful at it and he was like a pro from what I remember.

We ended up finishing up and getting close for a smooch and boy was it awful. He had just finished off a Coke which tasted terrible second-hand. He also smashed his large teeth against mine making it almost painful. The spit produced was far more than desirable and overall I wanted to forget about it afterward. He tried to put his hands on my rear in the cute I’m just placing these here kind of way but it was stiff and awkward.

We all have those awkward kisses from past relationships but it seems that our first kisses are even stranger and usually memorable for various reasons.

Journal Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: Your Dreams

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

I think this is also a hard prompt because I have lots of dreams. Some small, some big, some professional, some personal. I’m going to break it down, one each and call it good. I could write a novel about my dreams so keeping it simple is what I’m going to do this time.

Some of my dreams are also items on my bucket list. Maybe I’ll write a post just for my bucket list so you all can learn even a more about me! Dreams and aspirations are usually personal but I think telling people about them is beneficial. Generally, others can help you achieve them or at least be a support system for you while you achieve them solo. If anyone wants to help me achieve these dreams drop a comment below.

A small dream: I want a dog. I have a family dog, Nash, and I love him to pieces but he’s not mine. I want a best friend that is all mine. All the responsibility, all if it on me. I firmly believe in adoption and I hope I can take home a dog that’s going to be the love of my life and feel safe and secure and happy with their life with me.

A big dream: I want to be financially stable: no debt. I want to be able to book that out of country trip without having to save for years in advance. I want to be able to give to charity without feeling bad for only being able to give $10. I want to feel secure in my life with little to no limitations.

A professional dream: I want to own my own business. I’ve had a lot of dreams about a lot of different businesses and I hope one comes to fruition at some point in my life. I guess you should stay tuned for that because that is one dream I hope to accomplish before too long and I may or may not be in the planning process for one.

A personal dream: I want to publish a book. I have several story ideas, none of which are super special, but I’d still like to one day be able to write a book, have it published and be able to say that one cool fact about me is that I had a book published.

So again those are just a few of my dreams, there’s many many more but I won’t divulge here.

I am halfway through this challenge and I hope everyone is enjoying the posts! I will try to sprinkle in some different writings as well so it’s not all journal challenge posts.

Journal Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: What You Wore Today (again?)

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Today I wore more work appropriate outfit than the last time this prompt was posted.

I wore a white quarter sleeve blouse with a purple and blue subtle floral printed scarf that my boss actually got me as a secret Santa gift. I’m wearing my usual American Eagle jeans that are my absolute favorite (I have two pairs). For shoes, I’m wearing a new pair of boots from

After work, I had a junior river trip meeting so I changed into a simple black Columbia fleece pullover and Allbird wool sneakers to be more comfortable.

Pretty simple stuff. If anyone is seriously interested in what I wear drop a comment below and I’ll post more detailed items. I personally like shopping at discount stores for most of my clothes because I like clothes but certainly don’t have the budget to pay for expensive items.

Journal Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: This Week

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Since it’s Tuesday I figured I’d write about the week from a calendar week perspective, Sunday-Saturday.

Sunday: I had a wonderful day with my mom shopping and having fun in Denver. We got our nails done which she never usually does, I got a haircut and we shopped for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

Monday: I worked because that’s what adults do on weekdays. I prepared my presentation for next weeks conference in Las Vegas. I’m a bit nervous for it because I’m brand new to the company but my mom has worked for them for years so everyone knows her and now I’m the daughter in the new position that’s going to tell everyone what they need to do to jumpstart their online presence.

Tuesday (today:) I worked (shocker). Again preparing for my presentation next week. I got to put together my packets which is just simple work but I love simple work. Other than that I just went back to the house where I’m dog sitting and enjoyed a relaxing evening. I’ve gotten into this British reality TV show that’s similar to the Bachelor. It’s called Love Island and that’s all I’ve been watching when I get home. It’s great.

Wednesday: Guess what?? I work! I also have a junior river trip meeting in the evening which I’m always excited about because I’m so happy and so thankful to be a part of the adventure education program. I get to go home also! Woohoo! The family I’m dog sitting for get home that day so I get to sleep in my own bed. I’ve been dog sitting and also out of town so much lately it feels odd when I’m actually home and can sleep in my own bed. I know my cat will be happy again. She loves snuggling right next to me at night.

Thursday: Work work work. I will most likely be starting to pack or at least do some laundry so I’m not doing that while also packing on Friday. I think I’ll also go to bed early and just relax a bit.

Friday: Work again! Final preparation for the conference! I hope to be in bed early so Saturday’s travel doesn’t wear me out.

Saturday: Flight to Vegas! My mom and I are planning to head over to Fremont Street in the evening. So excited! I’ve never been to Vegas before so I’m looking forward to getting the full experience before Monday’s conference.

Journal Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: What’s in Your Bag

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

So I sometimes get made fun of my bag because it’s “an old lady bag”. I bought a large, plain grey purse that can hold my laptop and all the other things I like to have with me when I’m out an about. I do take out just my wallet when I’m running into a store quickly or at the mall shopping.

So what is in my purse?

  • a wallet of course (which I’ve also been told is big)
  • a water bottle (usually)
  • a foldable reusable bag (thank you Uncle Ron)
  • my checkbook
  • a small notepad
  • an emergency nail kit (clippers, file, etc.)
  • gum
  • business cards
  • a battery for those emergency phone charging needs
  • a phone charger
  • pepper spray and an emergency noise maker
  • Airborne and Nuun
  • my planner (only to and from work usually)
  • sometimes my laptop
  • a small zippered bag containing all the emergency little things: deodorant, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, contact solution, eye drops, sunscreen, toothpicks, ibuprofen, tissues, chapstick and cough drops.

So yes, I have a lot in my purse which is why it needs to be big.

Journal Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Your Beliefs

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

I believe in many things.

I’m simply going to list out things I believe in. I’m not going to explain every one because I don’t believe that your beliefs need explanations; they’re your beliefs.

  • I believe in you.
  • I believe in magic.
  • I believe in equality.
  • I believe in miracles.
  • I believe in hard work.
  • I believe in true friends.
  • I believe that life is a gift.
  • I believe in second chances.
  • I believe that silence is chaos.
  • I believe everyone has potential.
  • I believe asking for help is powerful.
  • I believe that education is important.
  • I believe that a smile can change your day.
  • I believe that laughing can make you feel better.
  • I believe that memories are essential to being human.
  • I believe in an afterlife. We can’t simply just disappear.
  • I believe in true love. And I also believe you can have more than one.
  • I believe in rock bottom. And I also believe that you can only go up from there.
  • I believe your imagination is sometimes more powerful than your own knowledge.
  • I believe in good music. I also believe in singing along at the top of your lungs.
  • I believe that sometimes we forget how amazing we are. You are amazing.
  • I believe that there is a higher power but I won’t ever name it/he/she.
  • I believe that chocolate can heal pretty much anything. Seriously.
  • I believe there’s beauty in everyone and everything.
  • I believe that shooting stars happen for a reason.
  • I believe that actions speak louder than words.
  • I believe everyone is weird in their own way.
  • I believe in honor, loyalty and commitment.
  • I believe that art is a window to one’s soul.
  • I believe every mind is a beautiful thing.
  • I believe that you can change your fate.
  • I believe in good food and good drinks.
  • I believe being in nature is important.
  • I believe that no one should be alone.
  • I believe there is so much to learn.
  • I believe in doing what you love.
  • I believe in dancing it out.
  • I believe in forgiveness.
  • I believe in rejection.
  • I believe in growth.
  • I believe in family.
  • I believe in trust.
  • I believe in me.

Journal Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: A Moment

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

So I had to really think about this and as you can probably imagine it’s hard to pick just one moment in your life of a million moments.

Now, this might be a cheesy moment to pick, but I remember just feeling so content in this instance. That moment is Christmas of last year, 2018.

I’m 22 but you can’t tell me that being excited on Christmas morning is just for kids. I love the holidays and Christmas is one of my all-time favorites because of the decorating, the goodies, the smell of the Christmas tree and just being with family. I also love giving gifts. I’m the type of person that sends you a card on every holiday and when it’s your birthday or Christmas, you best believe I’m finding you the perfect gift.

**Interjection here: Apparently I am an awful person to shop for so each year everyone asks for my want list. I find it hard to believe it’s that hard but I’ve heard it from so many people so I guess it’s true.

So this year I thought long and hard about gifts for my family and friends and I budgeted far in advance so I wasn’t breaking the bank either. The tradition in my house is to all sit around the tree with coffee and hot cocoa (Baileys or Kahlua as an added suggestion) to open presents. A person is then chosen to be the gift distributor and this year I decided to pass on that responsibility to someone else. I usually do it every year. This the particular moment that meant a lot to me because I chose to have my mom’s boyfriend do the distributing and because he’s fairly new to our family I think it also meant a lot to him.

The feeling of sitting there with loved ones and watching them open their gifts and being surprised and super thankful for them is what I remember so vividly every year and it makes me so happy. And even though I give my mom a list of things I would like she always finds a couple things to surprise me with as well. Being with family and just enjoying everyone’s presence is what I think the true meaning of the holidays is, no matter what you celebrate.

It’s family moments like those that make me so grateful for the wonderful life I have. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Journal Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Your Best Friend

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

So I firmly believe in having multiple best friends. I can say that I have four, my hometown best friend, my college best friend, my boyfriend (yes I classify him as a best friend) and my brother-from-another-mother best friend.



Olivia, my hometown best friend.

Olivia and I began getting close at the end of our junior year of high school and then even closer at the beginning of our senior year. We went on a school backing trip and then to France at the tail end of junior year. The following year on the ski team together we made the most of our last year as high schoolers. We ended up planning and running the backpacking trip as student leaders and that’s when I think we really clicked and have been close ever since.


Gabriella, my college best friend.

G and I met through the University of Oregon’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (which you should learn more about

here.) She was the recruitment officer and eventually became my big and well, the rest is history. She and I are making the best of a long distance relationship which means lots of Facetime appointments. We are counting down the days until I come to visit in June. 




Tyler, my boyfriend.

Tyler and I met in high school when I began managing the boy’s soccer team. We were definitely friends before we started dating and remained a couple until I left for college. We separated while in school but remained close friends. Tyler, Olivia and I are pretty much like the Three Musketeers. Tyler and Olivia came out for my last spring break in Oregon and it was a great way to show my hometown friends how my college life was. After the trip, Tyler and I started talking more about getting back together and here we are. We are both in Colorado and only a three-hour drive apart. We visit each other often and are planning some fun adventures at the end of the summer.


Dillon, my brother.

Dillon and I met my freshman year of high school when I started thinking about joining the spirit squad (yes, I was a cheerleader). I’d say we hit it off immediately and have remained close friends over the years. Even though we have been apart and now living in two different towns in Colorado we are still like brother and sister. I hope now that I have a more normal schedule I will be able to see him more. His parents, who still live in our hometown, and I get together and have dinner occasionally. They’re my second family and I love having them so close by.