Book Review: “Six Months Later”

I don’t know how long Six Months Later has been in my bookcase. I couldn’t even tell you when or where I got it. But I finally read it! And I really enjoyed it and I wish I read it earlier. It’s definitely a YA novel and even though I really like the YA genre now, I probably would have enjoyed this one more back in high school.

Chloe, a high school student, falls asleep in school and then wakes up six months later with no memory of the lost time. Her life has taken a complete 180 and even though she’s doing better than she was before her nap in study hall, she’s confused and scared of this new life she has. She becomes frantic trying to unravel the mystery and finds herself in danger in the process.

The story is well written and kept me on my toes. There was enough information given throughout the book to keep me guessing on how it all happened. It was like I, as a reader, was trying to figure out the mystery at the same time Chloe was. I think writing in that style is engaging and instead of knowing things that the main character doesn’t know, you’re in the same boat. I’ve read a few books from the third-person perspective that gives too much away and doesn’t make the story as interesting to follow. I think Natalie Richards’s first-person perspective in this novel was perfect. You got to feel what Chloe was feeling and understand how confusing the whole situation was for her.

I generally liked this book and recommend it to others. I know this is a fairly short review, but I don’t want to give too much away if anyone decides they want to read it. It’s a good YA mystery drama that I’m bummed I kept unread for so long.

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