National Book Lovers Day

Hello fellow bibliophiles! Today is the day to celebrate our great love: books.

Now I personally celebrate books every time I pick one up, whether to buy it, read it or to rearrange it on one of my bookshelves. But today is special because we all put down our phones and refrain from turning on the TV so we can appreciate the little worlds created from words arranged on a page just a little more. Though the origins of this day aren’t exact, and it’s no official holiday, I’m treating it like one and in celebration, I’m going to share a bit about why I love books.

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for loving books and many are probably the same, but for me, the main reason is because it’s an escape. Each story takes me somewhere else, somewhere unique and exciting. With books, new worlds are at my fingertips. New friends, new places, new concepts are painted in my mind and stories flow from page one to the last. There’s something about books where even though 100 people read the same book, all 100 will have a different vision of the world between the pages. I think there’s something so magical about that.

I’m of the belief that reading the book before seeing a movie or a TV adaptation is best, because it doesn’t ruin the creation you’ve developed in your head. I’d rather have something already in my head and say “that’s not how I pictured that” then have an image I’m stuck with. Sometimes character images develop as the plot progresses, so I like coming up with an image on my own first. It can mold and meld as I read.

I also really love getting to know so many different characters. We all meet probably thousands of people in our lives, but unless you’re a huge social butterfly with dozens of close friends, you won’t ever get to know a lot of people on the level that you get to know a book character. You feel embarrassed when they do something stupid and joyous when they accomplish something. For me it’s like making a new friend (or friends) with every new book. And in the real world, I can connect with others that have also read a particular book. Just like the gaming world, we are all connected in a unique way. And don’t let me forget the entire fandom universe that exists to connect us all in a whole other way.

There’s also something to be said about what we all can learn from books. And I don’t mean the two-inch thick textbooks we had to lug around in school, I’m talking about the novels and works of poetry. Even though I rolled my eyes any time a teacher or professor talked about books having a “deeper meaning and lesson” behind a story, it’s true. I could probably write a whole blog series about what I’ve learned from the books I’ve read. And even though a lot of life lessons don’t exactly parallel our own lives, I always take something away from each story. I can learn from characters’ mistakes or triumphs and I can also learn a bit more about a historical event or piece of science. I find myself Googling things mid chapter because I want to know more. It elicits a thirst for knowledge in a way that’s not purely academic.

Now to comment on another somewhat contentious opinion about books. A physical (preferably paperback) book is superior to a Kindle or digital copy. I was gifted a Kindle a couple years ago and I like it. I’ve read a few books on it and I have quite a few downloaded that I have yet to read (Amazon First Reads shoutout) but I prefer something I can actually hold and turn the pages. Now, with that being said, I also have really enjoyed listening to audiobooks this summer. I reread the Harry Potter series last summer and wanted to continue the trend of rereading a few other series that I haven’t read in a while so I decided to listen to them while still physically reading a new book. I think audiobooks are a great way to enjoy a novel while doing something else (i.e. driving or doing chores around the house).

Books, in all shapes and formats, have been a part of my life since I could read really. I remember a summer where I babysat for a family whose child enjoyed playing by themselves and they didn’t have TV so I read like crazy all summer long. I think that’s when my love of reading really began to grow. I began collecting books like a true bibliophile in high school and I adore getting new books. I love having access to a library but I love owning books myself more. I could spend hours in a bookstore and to be honest, I have once or twice much to the chagrin of others with me. I don’t care if the book is new or has passed through the personal libraries of a dozen people. They still hold the same story.

And as every other bibliophile feels, I can’t wait to grow my book collection. I hope to one day have a nice library with a cozy reading area and so many books to chose from. This year for my birthday I’m requesting any gift be someone’s favorite book with a note on why it’s their favorite. I think it’s a unique way to share something special and I hope I have a few to add to my shelves.

So Happy Book Lovers Day to all! I hope you too have a few reasons to love books.

Some of my Recently Read Books
(most I hope to review soon – I promise!)

And I’m currently reading It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas and listening to the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth on audiobook.

To see other books I’ve already reviewed, click here.

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