30 Days of Being Grateful

Self-isolation started for me on March 23rd. Because the state of the entire world is shrouded in chaos at the moment I wanted to stay positive and think about the things I’m grateful for during this uncertain time. Here are those thirty things that I thought about for the past 30 days.

Monday, March 23rd: First day working from home. Today I am grateful for fast internet.

Tuesday, March 24th: Today I am grateful for still living with my mom. If I was living alone (like some of my close friends are) I’m not sure how I would be handling this.

Wednesday, March 25th: Today I’m grateful for long phone calls and Facetime sessions. Connecting with my friends in this time is important for me to keep my sanity. I also love being able to talk to and see my friends that are in a completely different state.

Thursday, March 26th: Today I’m grateful for a large house. Even if I’m sharing it with my wonderful mom and her supportive boyfriend, an energetic ball-crazy dog and a sleepy kitty.

Friday, March 27th: Today I’m grateful for having a job that is able to keep me employed during these uncertain times.

Saturday, March 28th: All three of us are staying home on the weekends for the foreseeable future. Today I’m grateful for streaming services and many, many movies that we can watch as a family.

Sunday, March 29th: Today I’m grateful that I have a large book collection.

Monday, March 30th: Week two of work-from-home begins. I’m grateful that my superiors understand I’m here to help and that I’m able to help take something small off their very full plates.

Tuesday, March 31st: I would have been leaving for South Lake Tahoe today for a work trip if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t come to it’s peak here in the US. Today I’m grateful that Southwest has a flexible booking policy. I have credit for when things calm down and I’m able to travel for work, and leisure, again.

Wednesday, April 1st: Today I’m grateful that people are able to keep humor and lightheartedness in this time of melancholy but also know the boundaries of what’s humorous and what’s crossing the line.

Thursday, April 2nd: Today I’m grateful for our local grocery store staying as stocked as they can and working hard in these crazy times. Everyone just needs to stop panic buying.

Friday, April 3rd: Today I’m grateful for Fridays. I am usually always grateful for Fridays, but now even more so.

Saturday, April 4th: Today I’m grateful that we have a nice backyard and that spring is definitely here.

Sunday, April 5th: Today I’m grateful for my mom and how she has taught me how to cook, enjoy reading and to keep a clean home.

Monday, April 6th: Beginning week three of work-from-home. Today I’m grateful for Nash, our family dog. He is keeping things positive for all of us.

Tuesday, April 7th: Today I’m grateful for Gordan Ramsay. The many shows he has available through streaming services is making time go by faster.

Wednesday, April 8th: Today I actually left the house for a short amount of time. For not leaving in the past two and half weeks, it was nice to get out and just drive for a little bit. I’m grateful for living in the mountains where the air is fresh and there’s rarely any traffic.

Thursday, April 9th: I’m grateful for social media. It might be a hindrance sometimes but most of the time it’s there to keep me connected to the rest of the world and the friends that I don’t get to see.

Friday, April 10th: Today I’m grateful for sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirts. And I’m even more grateful for the fact that I have enough to wear everyday of the week.

Saturday, April 11th: I’m grateful for weekends. Who isn’t though?

Sunday, April 12th: Today I’m grateful for having the freedom to believe in what I chose to believe in.

Monday, April 13th: Today I’m grateful for being out of school. I know that sounds so selfish but I can’t imagine how I’d be handling this if I was still in school, high school or college. I give lots of kudos to the students that are working through this, especially you seniors. Hang in there.

Tuesday, April 14th: I’m so so so grateful for my cat. She’s been a mega cuddlebug and I love love love it.

Wednesday, April 15th: I’m grateful for it staying lighter longer. I missed it and it is making me optimistic for summer.

Thursday, April 16th: Today I’m grateful for the support system that is in place for the company that I work for. Our executives genuinely care about what is happening in our various locations across the US and we all know we are here for each other.

Friday, April 17th: Today I’m grateful for the three other people that work in my office. We video chatted today for about an hour and it was exactly what we all needed. There was a little business but mostly laughs and lots of chats about what we are all doing to stay sane.

Saturday, April 18th: I’m grateful for really lazy days where I can just relax, lay in bed and not care at all about being productive. I think everyone needs lazy days and today is my day.

Sunday, April 19th: Today I’m extra grateful for having the ability to cook and make some decent meals.

Monday, April 20th: Today I’m grateful for having a second family. My second family lives really close and I occasionally dog sit/house sit for them. So right now I’m lounging in their living room with a pup at my feet and the other on the dog bed behind the couch. There’s also chicks in the bathtub so that’s fun.

Tuesday, April 21st: Today I am grateful for having this blog. I know not many people read it, but it’s a fun and creative outlet for myself and sometimes I just really need it. Thank you to those that do read, I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you can all find something to be grateful for in these uncertain and anxiety inducing times. I think finding the positive in any situation can mentally help a lot. Stay sane and stay healthy, but more importantly stay safe everyone.

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