Day 4 of 5 Days of Love

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages quiz?

I Love Quality Time

I took the quiz back in college when the guy I was dating at the time asked me what my ranking of the five love languages was. I had no idea what that meant so he showed me the quiz and I took it. I found the screenshot I took of the results just the other day and it still rings true today.

  1. Quality Time
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Physical Touch
  4. Words of Affirmation
  5. Receiving Gifts

Though I love to give gifts myself, I actually feel weird receiving them. I also feel super awkward when someone compliments me so it makes sense that ‘Words of Affirmation’ and ‘Receiving Gifts’ is lower on my list. ‘Physical Touch’ is also something that I sometimes feel odd about but I do like. I mean who doesn’t like a good cuddle? ‘Acts of Service’ is my number two because I generally like when someone offers to wash the dishes or help me clean the bathroom. But my top love language is definitely ‘Quality Time’.

‘Quality Time’ means the world to me, especially in a romantic relationship. It’s also important to me in all my normal, close relationships. I could care less what we are doing, just that we are spending time together. I love just being with the people I care about because you never know how much time you’re going to get with someone.

Want to spend a day just watching movies and eating junk food? Sounds amazing. How about a day hike? Yes. Running errands, getting groceries, washing the car? Would love to. Quality time to me means that we are together and it really doesn’t matter what we are doing. It could be seeing each other for just an hour or for a full weekend, quality time is quality time and I love it.

Stay tuned for the last day of love!

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