Book Review: “The Photography of Game of Thrones”

Book thirty seven of my 2019 Reading Challenge.

The Photography of Game of Thrones

So I became a Game of Thrones fan a little later in the game than most and you can read more about that in my blog post here. I managed to get the first seven seasons finished before the eighth premiered so I was able to suffer with the rest of the world while watching the series finale. I not only fell in love with the stories, the heroism and the phenomenal acting, but I also fell in love with the cinematography, the set and the beautiful imagery that brought the whole series to life.

All of that is beautifully put together in the coffee table book The Photography of Game of Thrones. Series photographer Helen Sloan captured many wonderful shots of the acting and behind-the-scenes creation of GOT throughout its 10-year run. Each of the 850 photos was especially chosen and placed in a chapter to highlight the seven new gods of Westeros. Each chapter is also introduced with a synopsis of the god’s connection to the story and how certain characters and their behavior embody what that god symbolizes.

I’m a fan of photography and I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and this book was a wonderful Christmas gift that I didn’t waste any time leafing through. The never-before-seen photographs and candid shots were not only fun to see but also showed all the hard-work that went into the creation of each and every episode.

I’m hoping this year that I’ll be able to read the first book of George R.R Martin’s series that inspired it all so stay tuned for that.

Stay tuned for my next review: Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell

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