Reflecting on a Decade, Preparing for the Next

The new year, and new decade for that matter, snuck up on me way too quickly. I feel as though this last year went by in a blink of an eye and now it’s over and it’s 2020.

I’ve never been a New Year’s resolutions type of person and last year I think I set a couple 2019 resolutions, but I either forgot where I put the list or I didn’t write them down at all. Regardless of last year’s goals I’ve been thinking about all I’ve been able to accomplish and what has happened not only in the past year, but in the past decade. It’s strange to think that 10 years ago I was in middle school living in a totally different state thinking about a future that is far different from where I am today. I think reflecting on your past and seeing where you are in the present is a great step towards personal growth. Not to mention, it’s fun to reminisce.

So from the past to the present here are a bit of the highs (and lows) of my last decade.


Living in Parks, Arizona, attending school in Flagstaff, Arizona.
– I finished my 7th-grade year at FJA.
– I went to Catalina Island on a school trip.
– My first “girl’s trip” to celebrate a friend’s birthday in Phoenix.
– I went to a summer ski camp for the second time in Mt. Hood, Oregon.
– I started my 8th-grade year at FJA.
– Skiing, skiing, skiing, school, school, school.


Started the year living in Parks, AZ, attending school in Flagstaff, Arizona.
– Attended my first school dance: A Night in Paris.
– More skiing, more school.
– Renaissance Festival trip for school.
– I finished my 8th-grade year at FJA. Graduation ceremony at the Arizona Snowbowl.
– Summer babysitting of a family friend’s youngest son: lots of movies and lightsaber battles.
– I read so much. I think I made my mom take me to the library weekly.
– Going away party with school friends and teachers at my favorite pizza place.
– Moved to Colorado.
– I started high school at Middle Park in Granby, Colorado.
– First job at Devil’s Thumb Ranch as a hostess.
– I met a lot of new people. And my “brother from another mother”.
– I joined the high school ski team.
– Vacation back to Arizona for Christmas break by myself. Spent time with my grandparents.


Living in Tabernash, Colorado, attending school in Granby, Colorado at beginning of year.
– I attended my first State Championship for Alpine Skiing.
– Joined the spirit squad (off-season) and met even more wonderful people.
– Prom 2012 as a freshman guest of one of those wonderful people.
– The family began falling apart.
– Summer cheer camp at Copper Mountain. Almost broke my face.
– Started my sophomore year at MPHS.
– First car!
– Moved to outside of Granby, Colorado.
– First football season as a cheerleader.
– Second season start for ski team.


Living and attending school in Granby, Colorado.
– Second State Championship for Alpine Skiing at home – Winter Park Resort.
– First time struggling with a class in school. Damn Trig.
– Spring Break with my best friend’s family: Daytona, Florida.
– Prom again.
– Dyed my hair…way to much.
– Some of my best friends graduated high school.
– A fantastic 16th birthday day of adventure for a close friend.
– Hunger Games premiere, next day drove an hour and a half to see it again.
– First Rockies baseball game.
– I started my junior year of high school.
– Second football season as a cheerleader.
– Cheerleading competitions.
– Christmas back in Arizona for the last time. Parent’s long, drawn-out split begins.


Living and attending school in Granby, Colorado.
– Third State Championships for Alpine Skiing.
– First car accident.
– Visited “brother from another mother” in college.
– Junior River Trip: A Life-Changing Experience.
– Prom with a wonderful guy and a great group of friends.
– Canyoneering trip #1.
– Grew a friendship from simple classmates to best friends.
– France with a great group of classmates and a kickass teacher.
– Beginning of my senior year.
– Senior photos paired with best friend photoshoot.
– First concert at the Pepsi Center, upgraded floor seats for Katy Perry.
– Student council, honors, AP, yearbook editor.
– Boy’s soccer manager.
– First (and only) college visit: University of Oregon.
– First love.
– Alpine last year.


Living and attending school in Granby, Colorado at the beginning of the year.
– Final State Championship. I kinda blew it.
– Changed my mind about what to study in college.
– Spring break to Florida, again.
– First amusement park experience: Universal Studios.
– Joined soccer team. JV is more fun.
– AP tests, college prep.
– Senior prom complete with puking, converse shoes and lots of dancing.
– Canyoneering trip #2. Trip leader with my best friend.
– Started job at Never Summer.
– Graduation.
– Summer shenanigans.
– MLS All Star Game.
– Bought my second car.
– I moved to Oregon on my own and started college at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks!
– Struggled a lot to make friends and feel at home.
– Found an odd job that fit me perfectly.
– Home for the holidays.
– Mom surprises me with her new boyfriend. Mixed feelings.


Attending school in Eugene, Oregon, home in Colorado for breaks.
– College is hard. Calculus is hard. Being an adult is hard.
– Spring break back at home. Lots of fun time with mom.
– New friends.
– First college party.
– Road trip back to Colorado with mom. So much in so little time.
– Backpacking trip with the girls right in our backyard.
– Lots of work.
– I waited for school to start, one month later than everyone else.
– Back to Oregon for my second year.
– ASL class brings me a best friend.
– Planned to complete school in three years instead of four.
– Fall football games.
– Thanksgiving with a fellow Coloradan in Oregon.
– Christmas back in Colorado.


Attending school in Eugene, Oregon, home in Colorado for breaks.
– Spring break back in Colorado.
– Roadtrip to Moab with the best two people.
– Found Alpha Phi Omega.
– Found another best friend.
– Trip up the coast for two mountain girls.
– Major fundraiser for UO and the Annual Giving Program. Lots of hype.
– Became Media Chair for APO.
– “Brother from another mother” and I road trip back to Colorado.
– Lots of solo summer hikes.
– We welcome home Nash.
– Third and final year at UO.
– Moved into an apartment with two roomies.
– 21st Birthday.
– Met a pretty cool photographer guy.
– Went on a few adventures with some awesome friends.
– Thanksgiving in sweats with wine and The Great British Bake Off.
– Inducted two littles into Alpha Phi Omega.
– Home for the holidays as usual.
– Attended my first trade show for Never Summer.


Attending school in Eugene, Oregon, home in Colorado after school.
– First trip to Canada for Alpha Phi Omega.
– Spring Break brought my two best friends from home to Oregon.
– Internship with Food for Lane County.
– Stepped out of my comfort zone and let that handsome photographer take lots of photos – including my senior pictures.
– I got to volunteer at the Prefontaine Classic at Historic Hayward Field.
– Memorial Day girls weekend in Hood River with my college best friend.
– Alpha Phi Omega end-of-year banquet. Lots of tears, happy and sad.
– Presented my final college project. Nerves galore.
– Graduation. A full weekend of highs and lows.
– Journey back to Colorado with mom and college best friend.
– Planning tourist in my home town.
– Back to work at Never Summer.
– First Harry Styles concert.
– Summer hikes with Nash.
– Became a volunteer with my old high school’s Adventure Education Program.
– Chaperone for Sophomore River Trip.
– Our family bought a house. Yay!
– Volunteered to help coach my old high school’s Alpine Ski Team.
– I was offered a job with Alderwood Resort Management as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator.
– Ended the year happy, healthy and with a career beginning.


Living in Granby, Colorado.
– Started a reading challenge for the year.
– Celebrated my best friend’s 21st birthday.
– Got into Nordic Skiing.
– Traveled to Durango with the Alpine Ski Team for state. Five feet of fresh powder.
– Winter snowshoe adventures.
– Las Vegas work trip. First time in Sin City.
– Junior River Trip with the Adventure Education Program as a staff member.
– Lots of visits to Colorado Springs.
– Kayaking.
– Visit to Oregon to see 2019 Graduation and spend time with college best friend.
– Powell’s bookstore.
– Kacey Musgraves at Red Rocks.
– Summer hikes.
– Hammock reading.
– Camping trip with family.
– Heartbreak.
– Fall photo chasing.
– Carrie Underwood concert with mom.
– Accepted the fact that I have anxiety. Decided to do something about it.
– Taught mom how to kayak.
– Taking Steps for Cancer 5k.
– Birthday hike to ring in 23.
– First craft fair as a vendor. Bust.
– Planned our company holiday party. Success.
– Ski team volunteering again.
– End-of-year review. Promotion and raise.
– First massage. Fantastic.
– First facial. AWFUL.
– A beautiful Christmas with family.

Unfortunately, a few days into the new year I lost my grandfather, Poppy. It was a tough beginning to 2020 but I know he’s with his lord and savior and that one day I’ll see him again.

Looking Ahead: 2020

2020 is going to be filled with a lot of great things. I’m volunteering again with the high school ski team, I’m going to be traveling across the US to my company’s various properties, I hope to move out of my family home and into one of my own, Family Hawaiian Cruise 2020 and I’m planning to get out and have more adventures.

My boss and I were talking about New Year’s Resolutions and how instead of resolutions, she sets goals for herself. I think setting goals is healthier and more realistic. Having a goal is more tangible in my mind and will hopefully be easier to accomplish in the long run. And with that here are my 2020 goals:

  • Write 20 blog posts (not including book reviews).
  • Participate in an outdoor activity for at least one hour once a week.
  • Drink a bottle of water at my desk every day.
  • Take more photographs whenever I can.
  • Save $5,000 at minimum.
  • Read 20 books.
  • Continue my education with online or in-person classes and certifications.
  • Move into my own place. Decorate however I want.

I’m optimistic that this next year will bring a lot of great travel experiences and other opportunities both professionally and personally. I know these goals are only the beginning and that I will probably develop more goals or change these goals as the year goes on.

The Next Decade

It’s hard to believe that at the end of this next decade I will be 33 years old. I’m hoping by then I’m well into my career and I’m in my own home somewhere in Colorado. I hope to be happy and healthy and have many great relationships. It’s difficult to think about what’s going to happen even this next year, let alone this next decade, but going into it with optimism and goals should help.

What are your goals for the new year? What about in 10 years?

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