The Short Warm Season: Summer and Fall Wrap-Up

Even though it is technically still fall, here in Colorado we are already in full-blown winter. It’s already snowed twice and it’s sticking to the ground so it’s staying for the next six months. I’ve been a bit absent from here lately, but it’s because I’ve been busy. So here’s a wrap-up of all that I was up to this summer and fall.


I only got out once this summer and believe me, I wish I had gone more. Thankfully, my family wanted to go out to one of our favorite remote spots in Routt National Forest for a weekend in August. It’s not far from where we live so it’s an easy location to pull the camper out to. We didn’t have the best weather, but the clouds cleared and the wind died down to give us this beautiful sunset.


I tried to read a lot this summer because it’s always nice to sit outside, enjoy the warm weather and get lost in a good book. Check out my 2019 Reading Challenge page to see what all I’ve read. My favorite spot to read: my hammock in the comfort of my own backyard.

Hiking, hiking and more hiking.

I didn’t hike as much as I would have liked, but I did still got out quite a bit. Some of my favorite trails are just 10 minutes from my house making them very convenient for a quick adventure. The Indian Peaks Wilderness offers an abundance of trail types and destinations like Cascade Falls where my mom and I try to hike to every summer together.


I have never been a huge concert goer. They have just never been a major priority for me, but then again I don’t keep up on new music (fortunately, I have a friend who keeps a playlist updated for me). My first concert was the fabulous Kelly Clarkson back in 2006 when I was 10 years old and the next was my sophomore year of high school where my brother (from another mother) scored Katy Perry tickets last minute.

This year I managed to go to two concerts: Kacey Musgraves at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater with my music guru best friend and then the stunning Carrie Underwood with my mom who hadn’t been to concert since Kelly Clarkson with me 13 years ago. Both were amazing concerts that I really enjoyed attending.


I have to say I’m lucky for having friends that are willing to let me borrow equipment and go out with them. My high school best friend has a spare kayak that I think I spent more time in than her family probably did. I’ll forever be grateful for where I live and the ease that comes with getting to nature. One of my favorite spots, Willow Creek Resevoir, is less than 10 minutes away and is non-motorized so you don’t have to dodge boats while paddling around.

Family Time

My mom got a kayak for her birthday and I got to take her out during the peak of fall foliage – resulting is some beautiful photos obviously. She loved it and can’t wait to get out next summer. I love spending time with my mom and hiking, camping, kayaking or just spending time with each other. It’s valuable time that I have now because I’m unsure where I’ll be next year.


Summer and fall are the best times to go out and adventure. I consider every day that skews from your typical routine as an adventure. I had a few ups and downs this summer so when fall came I decided to make the most of it and just enjoy life. That meant anything from taking a day to watch my favorite movies, sit and read or simply spending time with friends and family. It all wrapped up beautifully with a birthday hike with my best friend in early October.

Then winter hit…

The warm weather came to a halt on October 10th when we got our first snowfall of the year. So here is to the next beautiful season and all the adventures awaiting us!

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