Book Review: “Displacement: A Travelogue”

Book twenty seven of my 2019 Reading Challenge.

Lucy Knisley’s Displacement: A Travelogue

I enjoyed Knisley’s first travelogue about her adventures in Europe when she was in her twenties so I thought I would look into some of her other travelogues.

I was not as impressed with this graphic memoir as I was with Knisley’s Age of License. I think I related more with the “traveling Europe while I’m young” novel which made it more interesting to me. I really commend her actions that spurred this travelogue though. Taking the time (and having the patience) to be with your grandparents on a cruise for a week is super hero status.

Like her first book though, it is inspirational and empowering to read about her travels. For this novel it was a different kind of inspirational. It’s a beautiful story about how she grew closer and really began to understand her grandparents throughout the time she spent with them.

I wish I had a stronger connection with my grandparents and I definitely liked that aspect of the book. It just fell a little flat when it came to story arc and interestingness. But still a good story in the end.

Stay tuned for my next review: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

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