Why My Mom is the Most Important Person in My Life

The relationship you have with your mother can be the most important relationship you ever have in your life. Not everyone gets the opportunity to become best friends with a parent, but if you do, take advantage of it.

I can say that I would not be the woman I am today without the patience, guidance and love that my mother has given me since day one. A mother’s love is different from any love that a person will experience in their lifetime. It’s a unique love that comes from seeing person grow and develop as their own person. It’s a non-judgmental love that doesn’t waver. It’s a mother’s love.

My mother has known me the longest and dealt with all my ups and downs. I know I’ve tried her patience once or twice and that I haven’t always been an angel, but she has always been there to be my shoulder to cry on and the firm hand to push me forward. She understands my quirks, my strengths and my weaknesses. Having her support throughout my life has been the only reason I’ve stayed sane. I know she’ll always be there for me, through thick and thin.

She is the person I want to tell everything to and I know she’ll never judge me for my decisions and actions. She’s there to tell me about her own personal experiences and to guide me on my own. She’s taught me many things from simple life skills, to cooking to how to deal with boys. She’s there to be a helping hand while also letting me learn my own lessons at my own pace.

I can’t imagine how different my life would be without her beside me. She means the world for me and is the most important person in my life. And I hope she’ll forever be the person I can go to for anything. I’m forever grateful for her and I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done for me.

Happy Birthday Mama!

Love, Kelsey

2 thoughts on “Why My Mom is the Most Important Person in My Life

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  1. I loved you from the first time I felt you inside me. A mother’s love for her child cannot be compared to anything else in the world.
    I am so proud of the women you have become. I will always be by your side even after I have left this world. I love you.


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