My Workspace

Since I’ve been at my (not-so-new) new job now for six months I thought I’d share how I’ve made my desk my own.

I never thought that I’d be the type of person to sit at a desk all day for work, but I am. I will hopefully have an opportunity in the future to work remotely at home which I would prefer. But for now I have a desk in an office of four (sometimes five) whole people.

I started with just my laptop and I thought that was enough for me, but then I got the monitor screen and it is ten times better. I didn’t realize how much easier it is to have two screens. It makes working on a project less stressful and puts less strain on my eyes.

I recently added my Hydroflask coffee mug as a permanent desk ornament because of my new found love for coffee. My Hydroflask water bottle is also always a must have and everyone should have a water bottle on their desk. Even though you are just sitting around, you need to hydrate people!

The desk calendar (as well as a National Park’s hanging calendar not pictured) are vital to my scheduling sanity. The notebook is also a must-have as I write down all the tasks I need to complete in a given day and any notes that come up in throughout the day.

For the fun stuff I have my “pet cactus” as someone once called it from my boyfriend, pictures and of course a Honeydukes jar filled with Jolly Ranchers. Other fun stuff not pictured includes a large drawer filled with snacks because everyone needs a work snack drawer.

What does your workspace look like?

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