Why Having a Planner is Important

Remember in high school how every teacher (and probably your mom) told you to write down all your assignments, due dates, tests and quizzes and the like so that you wouldn’t forget it. I know a lot of people that didn’t care to write any of it down and they’d forget about something and be panicking last minute.

I was quite the opposite and wrote down everything. I not only wrote what was due when, but I planned out my weeks on what I had to work on when so that I wasn’t cramming the night before. I, of course, bought a school calendar planner every year and used it and abused it.

When I graduated high school, I retired the one-time use planners and spent graduation money to buy a refillable planner that I adore. I buy the inserts for each year and usually keep the last year just in case. I have to say that having that planner has saved me on multiple occasions.

My planner is from At-A-Glance and can be found here. I like the weekly view style because it’s a great way to see your entire week all together. I’m a huge to-do list type of person and the space provided for each day is plenty for that and appointments/events. I do have to purchase an insert every year. Inserts can be found here. I think that having this size (size 4) is a good size (it’s about the size of a large hardcover book to give you perspective).

I know a lot of people aren’t as organized as I am. I’ve been told many times that I am too organized but I firmly believe in having an organized life to keep things all together. I think having a planner is important to keeping sanity and being a responsible person and professional. And it doesn’t have to be some elaborate leather planner but having some place to write it all down is the easiest way.

An article from weekplan.net gives five reasons why you need a weekly planner. All five reasons I firmly believe in.

  1. You can keep track of all responsibilities at any moment – I already eluded to this above. I can say that I am a person that says I will remember that one thing and I don’t need to write it down, but forgetting that one thing happens. (For example, I left a gallon of milk that I bought before work two days ago at work…for the past two days.)
  2. You get used to focusing on important activities – I can first hand attest to this. I write down things that I absolutely need to get done that day in my planner and I usually put exclamation points, underline it and the like and it ensures that I focus on it when I get home. It gets things done in a timely manner as well because I focus on that one thing until it’s completed.
  3. You can share your schedule with other people – This is obviously easier when you have a digital copy of your schedule or an online planner/to-do list. I personally like writing things down the old fashion way but I also have my general schedule (work, important meetings, trips) on a Google calendar that I can easily send to a coworker or friend.
  4. You’ll increase your productivity – I think this is very true and goes hand in hand with number two. If you write down tasks it’s easier to get them done in a way. I get satisfaction when I have a to-do list and I get to tick off one of the items.
  5. You’ll enjoy a feeling of completion at the end of the week – So true. Like I said in number four, it’s satisfying to finish something. I also like just having an overview of all that I’ve accomplished in a given week whether that be items on a to-do list, meetings or events.

Overall I’ve never regretted in investing in a planner and keeping it up-to-date with tasks, important meetings/events and birthdays and anniversaries. There are many reasons as to why you should get a planner and I think every reason can be important for any given person.

If you’re interested in checking out a planner or even a calendar check out Dayrunner.com. It gives you options to navigate to several popular brands and once you become a customer they will give you discounts for when you have to refill your planner with a new insert.

Feel free to ask me questions about my planning habits/my planner itself!

Happy Planning!

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