A year ago I wrote about the Art of Giving and gave insight into the University of Oregon’s annual Giving Day #DucksGive.

This year, instead of sitting behind a computer and calling for donations, I was on the other end receiving the call.

Giving back to the university that I spent tens of thousands of dollars to attend wasn’t even a minor thought in my mind back when I began college. It wasn’t until I got the job with the Annual Giving Program that I realized how important private donations are to a public university.

An annual giving day has been established around the country for various universities both public and private. The University of Oregon created its version, #DucksGive when I was a freshman. It was then that I realized one day I would want to give back.

A lot of recent graduates don’t agree with giving back to the university, trust me, I’ve called a fair few of them in my time. I’m proud to be one that will give back year after year.

Today was the beginning of that history of giving. Josh, a former co-worker that still works for AGP, gave me a call today and asked me if I, like many other alumni and university supporters would join in on the giving day challenges and help unlock matching challenge gifts set out by larger donors.

I did. I donated and I’m proud of that donation.

Thank you for the call Josh and thank you to all that donated today for the 2019 #DucksGive. And thank you #DucksGive for being a wonderful success over the past four years and thank you for letting me be a part of it as a student and now as an alumna.

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