It’s Time to Get Lost on the River

Five years ago I was fortunate enough to spend six days on the Green River in Utah with fellow juniors as a school trip. That trip made my high school experience.

The trip, which has been around since the 70s brings a whole different kind of high school adventure to Middle Park High School juniors.
Spending six days on a raft floating with your peers without plumbing, without the comforts of home and without technology opens up a whole new world to students that might not have the opportunity to do so on their own.

The Adventure Education Program allows students to get out and experience the wonderful natural world with endless recreation possibilities. It allows instills a respect for nature and the importance of preservation.

I learned all of this as a student and won’t ever forget the beautiful memories I made.

Today I embark on the same trip but with a completely different perspective. This time I am the student, I am the teacher passing on my knowledge and my respect for the river. I am a leader guiding these students down the river that gave me a new love for nature.

I bring with me to the river the memories I made five years ago in hopes of creating new ones through different eyes.

Stay tuned for my post trip report.

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