Journal Challenge: Day 26

Day 26: Your Fears

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

There are many things that I fear, but who doesn’t? Having fears is something that makes us human in my opinion. It proves that we aren’t perfect.

There are of course rational fears and then the irrational. There are also fears that can be classified as physical and some mental. I think it’s only fair to write about a couple. I certainly won’t bore you with all my fears.

When people ask me what my biggest fear is I usually chose between two answers depending on who is asking and for what reasons.

One is heights. I get sweaty and nervous and feel like I’m losing control when I’m somewhere high up. It’s strange because certain height-related things don’t scare me. For instance, I’m not afraid when going up a chairlift. I have skied since I was five years old so it might be that I was too young to develop a fear of heights from a chairlift. It would have been a pretty shitty fear considering I love skiing. Now on the flipside. If I have to ride the chairlift down I am nervous. I can’t do the Tower of Doom or any real rollercoaster because they’re high up at some point.

The other biggest fear that I have is being alone. Now I know this is common for a lot of people. Being alone sucks. And I don’t mean not having a romantic partner alone, I mean having nobody alone. Friends mean so much to me and they come and go over our lives but I fear the day that I either push away everyone or I simply lose them. That is one of my greatest fears that might be a bit irrational, but you never know. Sometimes reading books that have a character that’s become alone either through natural disaster/apocalyptic circumstances or simply because they’ve been forced to be a loner gets to me and it makes me worry. Being alone is just a different kind of feeling that is hard to get over.

Now since that was a little heavy I’ll give you a couple other fears.

  • Snakes – I can do spiders no problem, but snakes are a huge no.
  • Mascots – I really dislike not knowing who is under the giant animated head. It took me almost my entire three years at UO to get used to Puddles and he’s an adorable duck.
  • Being at a desk – I am currently in a position that requires me to sit in front of a computer but my hopes are to never spend all 40 hours a week confined to a desk.
  • Dolls – I was never really a doll girl when I was little and I think that’s because they have always creeped me out.
  • Scary movies – can’t do them.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West – yes I am still afraid of her. I used to watch the Wizard of Oz all the time as a child and loved it but one day it scared me and I haven’t gone back.

Now you know a couple of my fears and I hope no one takes advantage of me putting them out there. Seriously, don’t.

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