I Went to Vegas For A Work Trip

Yes. I. Did.


Every year the company I work for puts together a three-day conference for the properties’ managers to go over important changes, announces, updates, etc. Well since my position is brand new to the company I became an update and was invited to attend to present my position and what I have planned for the company as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

And if you didn’t know, my mother also works for the company and since she is a manager of a property we got to go together.

I had never been to Las Vegas so we went a couple days early to explore and have a bit of fun. We packed in quite a bit in the two days before the conference and I had a blast.

The first day our flight was delayed so we made the best of it by going shopping in Denver and then having a drink at the airport. When we finally arrived in Vegas we dumped our bags and headed to Fremont Street. If you haven’t been to Fremont Street you should. The old school Vegas strip was magical with the overhead lights and street performers.

The second day was a lot of walking and shopping up and down the strip before having dinner and seeing a show. Now I’m a huge magic fan and who doesn’t love a good laugh, so naturally Piff the Magic Dragon seemed the logical show choice. And it definitely was. The small and intimate venue was perfect for my first show and I highly recommend seeing him if you can.

The following day my mom and I threw in a bit more shopping before the conference started at noon. I was certainly a bit nervous meeting everyone in person. I had emailed everyone before but obviously hadn’t met anyone face-to-face. From the start, I felt very welcomed. The first day was meetings and presentations which ended in a super fun cooking activity. We all piled into Ubers and Lyfts and headed to a team Chopped-style competition. It was a great bonding experience that ended with great food. Plus my team won, not to brag or anything.

The second day was a full day of meetings and presentations, my own presentation included. I felt like my presentation went very well and I feel very confident that the managers, regional directors and the president are excited to see what I can bring to the table. The best part about working for this company is that everyone’s in it together even though we are spread out across North America. Did I mention we have a property in Canada and one in Costa Rica?

The After Party Gang

That night we had a private party in the Cosmopolitan above a night club. The night club was closed but the open bar and bomb appetizers we had at our party made up for it. It felt luxurious and I felt very important and like part of the family. We all had a wonderful time and got to hang out as friends rather than coworkers which I think is a large component to having happy employees.

Unfortunately, the last day came and went quickly and we headed home. Goodbyes were quick and more like ”see you laters” as we all headed our separate ways.

Overall, I felt very welcomed and very excited to have been invited. I met a lot of wonderful people and I can’t wait to work even more closely with them.

I don’t think I would have ever been able to say that I went to Las Vegas for a work conference, but now I have and who knows, I might be invited back again next year.

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