Journal Challenge: Day 24

Day 24: Something That Makes You Cry

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

There’s (not) surprisingly a lot of things that make me cry. What those things are range so much it’s kind of crazy.

I’ll cry if there is a commercial or video that tells a heartwarming story. Anything sentimental and armed forces related usually gets me.

Also if an animal dies in a movie. Those are the worst. J.K. Rowling I will never forgive you for Hedwig.

But on the happier end of things, I love when families are reunited or wonderful things happen to someone who hasn’t had the best of luck. Those types of happy moments always get a tear from me.

I also cry when things are simply powerful. Sometimes it’s just the way words are put together in a certain order that just get to me.

Crying isn’t always a bad thing in my opinion. It shows that we are human.

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