Journal Challenge: Day 21

Day 21: Another Moment

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

I’m catching up! Sorry for the double post tonight.

So again, like other posts, I’m going to complain about how hard it is to pick just one moment.

So I did think about what moment I should choose and it’s going to be similar to an earlier post from before this challenge. So if you’re new to the blog then this will be the first bit you read about the moment I found out who my big for my service fraternity in college was.

So yes Gabriella (cause I know you read these) a moment I’ll cherish forever is the moment you dropped the blanket and we became a family.

So I didn’t find Alpha Phi Omega, an international college service fraternity, until winter/spring term of my second year at UO. I had a coworker that had been a member of the group and was trying to find recruits for the following term. I decided it sounded like a fun group to be a part of and it would look great on a resume for the future so I attended an information session where I met the Recruitment Chair, Gabriella.

Now to explain a bit about APO, it functions very much like what you’d think a college fraternity functions like. APO is a coed fraternity that focuses on three main principles: leadership, friendship and service. The main function that occurs in many shapes and forms is service events. A similar thing to your well-known fraternities and sororities is that each member becomes a part of a lineage and has a Big.

Alpha Phi Omega allots Bigs and Littles in the first couple of weeks after recruitment so that the Bigs can guide their Littles as mentors in the fraternity. I was nervous to find out who my Big was because we, as pledges, had no idea who was even volunteering to be a Big. We all took little compatibility tests and were sorted into appropriate pairs. During Big/Little week the Littles received gifts and anonymous notes from our Bigs, still not knowing who it was. At the end of the week, there was a big reveal where we finally learned who was going to guide us through the Zeta Psi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.

For the reveal, we did a classic blanket drop where our Bigs would be literally unveiled in front of us. I had guessed, out of sheer luck, that my Big might be Gabriella before entering the room. The entire time I was walking into the room I kept saying over and over that I had chosen wrong and that I had no idea who it was so you can probably imagine my shock and excitement when the blanket dropped and Gabriella was standing on the other side.

We laughed about it afterward and to be honest the rest is history.

She has become one of my best friends and I truly can’t imagine how I would have gotten through the last year of college without her. I’ll cherish that moment forever.


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