Journal Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: This Month

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

So I’ve gotten a bit behind and I apologize for anyone that is just dying to hear about my life. I will be posting why I got behind in a post hopefully in the next couple of days (there’s a hint below) and in the meantime, I will try to get these Journal Challenge posts up and running on a schedule again.

Now though it has just become the month of April I’m going to write about March for it is far more eventful and easier to write about as it has already happened.

I genuinely had to look at my calendar to remember all that has happened this month. I’ve been quite busy and enjoying it but also wanting to relax a bit which I will be doing in the month of April, hopefully.

Well, work has been the main thing occupying my time of course (Monday through Friday).

I dog sat for close family friends at the beginning of the month while they got to escape to sunny California for a trip. I love dog sitting for the family because their two corgis are so affectionate and I don’t mind taking care of the little guys and feeling like a real fur mama. My boyfriend also got to visit during that weekend and we snowshoed which is always a fun activity.

About mid-month we had a massive snowstorm in Colorado and I was so thankful to have carpooled to work that day so I didn’t have to deal with the crazy snow-packed roads. But of course, the shoveling started immediately when I got home.

For St. Patrick’s Day weekend I went down to Boulder to visit my best friend Olivia and celebrate the drinking holiday college-style. While down there I got another tattoo which I’ve been wanting to get but haven’t had the means to.

That following week I had a dinner meeting with my friend Beck who is also the program leader for my river trip. We just had to discuss and get some things in order because Wednesday evening was the first meeting for JRT2 which went really well and I’m looking forward to taking the small group down the Green in about a month.

That weekend and into the next week I dog sat for Olivia and her family (can you tell I like dog sitting). They have a new puppy named Finn who is somewhat of a terror but you can’t blame him he’s just a puppy. Even though he ate my slipper. They also have an older dog Boone who is the calmest and chillest dog ever so it was the best of both worlds.

Shortly after I finished dog sitting I left for a work conference in Las Vegas (yes, you read that right – I got paid to go to Vegas). The first couple of days I spent with my mom before the meetings actually started. And then on April 1st, the work conference began. And since that’s the end of March you’ll have to wait for another post for more Vegas details.



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