Journal Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Your Favorite Birthday

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Again, this is unfair, I shouldn’t have to just narrow down one favorite birthday. I will choose one for this post though because it’s the first one that came to mind.

I had a birthday when I was in elementary school (I really can’t remember which one it was though) at the local ice rink in Flagstaff. We rented a room which my mom thought would be a private party room but was instead a locker room. Now you can imagine an ice rink locker room that was used for hockey teams and the stench that came with it. It was a little blip in the party plan but a little laugh as well.

I had told everyone that was attending that I wanted anything Polly Pocket related. I was going through that little doll phase that every little girl goes through.

Everyone took my present suggestion to heart and I got soooo many Polly Pocket kits that some were duplicates and I got to head to Target to check out which ones I didn’t get. I was so overjoyed and I remember having such a blast skating around. At the time I had two different friend groups, my school friends and my ski team friends so it was great to have the two worlds collide for my birthday.

Now I haven’t really skated much since then until a couple years ago when I went with a friend and I was so bad I hugged the wall the entire time while she skated around me in circles laughing.

It was definitely a fun birthday that I’ll always remember.

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