Journal Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: Your Dreams

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

I think this is also a hard prompt because I have lots of dreams. Some small, some big, some professional, some personal. I’m going to break it down, one each and call it good. I could write a novel about my dreams so keeping it simple is what I’m going to do this time.

Some of my dreams are also items on my bucket list. Maybe I’ll write a post just for my bucket list so you all can learn even a more about me! Dreams and aspirations are usually personal but I think telling people about them is beneficial. Generally, others can help you achieve them or at least be a support system for you while you achieve them solo. If anyone wants to help me achieve these dreams drop a comment below.

A small dream: I want a dog. I have a family dog, Nash, and I love him to pieces but he’s not mine. I want a best friend that is all mine. All the responsibility, all if it on me. I firmly believe in adoption and I hope I can take home a dog that’s going to be the love of my life and feel safe and secure and happy with their life with me.

A big dream: I want to be financially stable: no debt. I want to be able to book that out of country trip without having to save for years in advance. I want to be able to give to charity without feeling bad for only being able to give $10. I want to feel secure in my life with little to no limitations.

A professional dream: I want to own my own business. I’ve had a lot of dreams about a lot of different businesses and I hope one comes to fruition at some point in my life. I guess you should stay tuned for that because that is one dream I hope to accomplish before too long and I may or may not be in the planning process for one.

A personal dream: I want to publish a book. I have several story ideas, none of which are super special, but I’d still like to one day be able to write a book, have it published and be able to say that one cool fact about me is that I had a book published.

So again those are just a few of my dreams, there’s many many more but I won’t divulge here.

I am halfway through this challenge and I hope everyone is enjoying the posts! I will try to sprinkle in some different writings as well so it’s not all journal challenge posts.

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