Journal Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: This Week

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Since it’s Tuesday I figured I’d write about the week from a calendar week perspective, Sunday-Saturday.

Sunday: I had a wonderful day with my mom shopping and having fun in Denver. We got our nails done which she never usually does, I got a haircut and we shopped for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

Monday: I worked because that’s what adults do on weekdays. I prepared my presentation for next weeks conference in Las Vegas. I’m a bit nervous for it because I’m brand new to the company but my mom has worked for them for years so everyone knows her and now I’m the daughter in the new position that’s going to tell everyone what they need to do to jumpstart their online presence.

Tuesday (today:) I worked (shocker). Again preparing for my presentation next week. I got to put together my packets which is just simple work but I love simple work. Other than that I just went back to the house where I’m dog sitting and enjoyed a relaxing evening. I’ve gotten into this British reality TV show that’s similar to the Bachelor. It’s called Love Island and that’s all I’ve been watching when I get home. It’s great.

Wednesday: Guess what?? I work! I also have a junior river trip meeting in the evening which I’m always excited about because I’m so happy and so thankful to be a part of the adventure education program. I get to go home also! Woohoo! The family I’m dog sitting for get home that day so I get to sleep in my own bed. I’ve been dog sitting and also out of town so much lately it feels odd when I’m actually home and can sleep in my own bed. I know my cat will be happy again. She loves snuggling right next to me at night.

Thursday: Work work work. I will most likely be starting to pack or at least do some laundry so I’m not doing that while also packing on Friday. I think I’ll also go to bed early and just relax a bit.

Friday: Work again! Final preparation for the conference! I hope to be in bed early so Saturday’s travel doesn’t wear me out.

Saturday: Flight to Vegas! My mom and I are planning to head over to Fremont Street in the evening. So excited! I’ve never been to Vegas before so I’m looking forward to getting the full experience before Monday’s conference.

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