Journal Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: What’s in Your Bag

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

So I sometimes get made fun of my bag because it’s “an old lady bag”. I bought a large, plain grey purse that can hold my laptop and all the other things I like to have with me when I’m out an about. I do take out just my wallet when I’m running into a store quickly or at the mall shopping.

So what is in my purse?

  • a wallet of course (which I’ve also been told is big)
  • a water bottle (usually)
  • a foldable reusable bag (thank you Uncle Ron)
  • my checkbook
  • a small notepad
  • an emergency nail kit (clippers, file, etc.)
  • gum
  • business cards
  • a battery for those emergency phone charging needs
  • a phone charger
  • pepper spray and an emergency noise maker
  • Airborne and Nuun
  • my planner (only to and from work usually)
  • sometimes my laptop
  • a small zippered bag containing all the emergency little things: deodorant, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, contact solution, eye drops, sunscreen, toothpicks, ibuprofen, tissues, chapstick and cough drops.

So yes, I have a lot in my purse which is why it needs to be big.

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