Wilderness Writings

In honor of spring and simply enjoying nature, I’ve written a couple wilderness writings/poems/what have you.
It Heals
I strongly believe that simply being in nature is healing.
It heals your tired eyes from the hours behind a computer.
It heals your aching feet from wandering on concrete sidewalks.
It heals your tense shoulders from long to do lists.
It heals your mind from daily stress.
It heals your soul.
The Flow of the River
Have you ever watched a river flow?

Watched its untamed movement,
its swift coursing evolution.
Have you ever felt a river flow?
Felt its push and pull,
its hungry grasp for the earth around it.
Have you ever heard a river flow?
Heard its drops and splashes,
its rushing melody.
Have you ever experienced a river flow?
It’s magical.
When you touch the cool water,
feel the waves come and go,
hear the ebb and flow against the shore,
you become one with the river.
Nature is like being at home.
You know the sound of the wind in the trees,
the water rushing down the river,
the birds chirping above.
The feel of dirt beneath your shoes is familiar,
each step is delicate and deliberate.
Your soul is at peace.

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