Journal Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Your Best Friend

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

So I firmly believe in having multiple best friends. I can say that I have four, my hometown best friend, my college best friend, my boyfriend (yes I classify him as a best friend) and my brother-from-another-mother best friend.



Olivia, my hometown best friend.

Olivia and I began getting close at the end of our junior year of high school and then even closer at the beginning of our senior year. We went on a school backing trip and then to France at the tail end of junior year. The following year on the ski team together we made the most of our last year as high schoolers. We ended up planning and running the backpacking trip as student leaders and that’s when I think we really clicked and have been close ever since.


Gabriella, my college best friend.

G and I met through the University of Oregon’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (which you should learn more about

here.) She was the recruitment officer and eventually became my big and well, the rest is history. She and I are making the best of a long distance relationship which means lots of Facetime appointments. We are counting down the days until I come to visit in June. 




Tyler, my boyfriend.

Tyler and I met in high school when I began managing the boy’s soccer team. We were definitely friends before we started dating and remained a couple until I left for college. We separated while in school but remained close friends. Tyler, Olivia and I are pretty much like the Three Musketeers. Tyler and Olivia came out for my last spring break in Oregon and it was a great way to show my hometown friends how my college life was. After the trip, Tyler and I started talking more about getting back together and here we are. We are both in Colorado and only a three-hour drive apart. We visit each other often and are planning some fun adventures at the end of the summer.


Dillon, my brother.

Dillon and I met my freshman year of high school when I started thinking about joining the spirit squad (yes, I was a cheerleader). I’d say we hit it off immediately and have remained close friends over the years. Even though we have been apart and now living in two different towns in Colorado we are still like brother and sister. I hope now that I have a more normal schedule I will be able to see him more. His parents, who still live in our hometown, and I get together and have dinner occasionally. They’re my second family and I love having them so close by.

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