Journal Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Your Day

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Sorry, this one is a little late! It’ll be a double posting day.

Well since it’s a Tuesday I worked all day. I was surprisingly energetic in the early morning so I got to work even before 8 a.m. and decided to treat myself to a raspberry white chocolate mocha from the coffee shop downstairs. It certainly helped me power through my day.

Work is work so I won’t go into any minute details about that. Though I have to say being a Marketing and Communications Coordinator is more challenging than you might think, but I also have a lot of fun scrolling through Facebook and coming up with fun things to put in the next newsletter so there’s that to keep me entertained.

After work, I had a dinner meeting with my friend Beck. Beck asked me way back in the fall if I would be interested in helping out with the Adventure Education Program at the high school. I, of course, said yes because the Adventure Ed trips are what made my high school experience. For a bit more on my involvement with Middle Park High School check out my post Heading Back to High School. 

Beck and I met at the Sagebrush in Grand Lake to go over program stuff for this spring’s Junior River Trip which is a five-day rafting trip down the Green River in Utah. I’m super excited to go and I will certainly post about the trip when we return. Unfortunately, there is a small possibility that the trip could be cancelled due to student numbers so let’s cross our fingers that the trip happens and I get to experience something from high school in through a totally different lens.

After dinner, I went home, put on my pjs and crawled in bed to watch some How to Get Away with Murder. 

A very exciting day I know.


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