Journal Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Your Parents

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

My parents, Mike and Christine, separated while I was in high school. My mom and I live together in Colorado and my father lives in Arizona.

I had a good childhood filled with fun trips and lots of family ski time. I loved growing up on lots of acres of land and with horses and chickens. As a family, we enjoyed camping and riding and spending time outdoors which is certainly where my love for it now came from. After my parents split I lived with my mom as I had just moved to a new town and started high school.

My mom and I have a pretty good relationship. I currently live with her because rent in my hometown is ridiculous and it works surprisingly well.

She works for the same company that I do as an Assistant General Manager for one of the properties in the area. She has always worked hard at her job and has gone through a lot both professionally and personally to get to where she is. I definitely got my strength and perseverance from her.

I also apparently got a lot of my features from her. I have gotten a lot of “you look like your mom” lately. The only big difference is I’m blonde with blue eyes and she has brown hair and brown eyes. I guess our facial structure is what we share.

My mom and I aren’t all that alike personality wise but we enjoy hanging out together and trying new things. I got her to Nordic ski with me earlier this winter even though she fell on her ass and definitely hated me by the end of the day.  We get in our little mother-daughter fights occasionally, but it all works out in the end. I love her to death and I’m not sure what I’d do without her.

In the case of my father, we don’t have a relationship.

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