Journal Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Your First Love

30 Day Journal Writing Challenge

Now, this is sort of a hard topic in my opinion. I could consider my first love to be my first real pet, an Australian Shepherd named Wyatt, my elementary school crush and first kiss (on the cheek of course), or it could be my first (and really only) serious boyfriend who I’m still in a relationship with.

To be kind to my boyfriend and not expose our entire relationship online, I’ll write a bit about Wyatt.

I got Wyatt as a Christmas gift when I was 6 or 7. He wasn’t ready to come home for Christmas morning so my parents took pictures of him and stuck them to a corkboard and wrapped it. When I opened the corkboard on Christmas morning I said something along the lines of “Oh cool, thanks. Whose dog is this anyway?”

To say the least, I was very ecstatic to learn he was mine (or my family’s really).

I grew up with Wyatt checking on me every night and walking his rounds about the house to make sure everyone was safe. He was a protective animal and very much a ranch dog. We lived on five acres outside of Flagstaff, Arizona where he had plenty of room to run around. He was never allowed to go tend the horses with us cause all he wanted to do was herd them and when you only have two they don’t really need to be herded.

He went on some crazy adventures that we never fully knew about. He showed up one day with a full elk leg, hair and hoof attached and all. We never figured out where he got it, but he seemed awfully proud to be bringing it home. He also once ate a large portion of a gingerbread house when we once left him in the house alone. He ate a lot of odd things over the years including a bucket of my Halloween candy, a remote and various animal bits.

Wyatt was an amazing dog that was always happy to see you and loved to play tug-a-war. He snuggled only occasionally but loved a good scratch. He lived quite a long life and I know he’s happy as can be over the rainbow bridge. I’d say Wyatt was certainly a great love of my life.

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