Book Review: “The Late Show”

Book two of my 2019 Reading Challenge.

Michael Connelly’s The Late Show

Now I have to preface this review with the fact that Michael Connelly is probably my favorite author. I love a good detective crime novel and I started reading Connelly’s books when I was in middle school. Now with authors like Connelly who write and write and write and continue a series forever, it’s not completely essential to start from the beginning. With Connelly’s series it is however beneficial to at least start with the character (usually the detective) if you wish to really understand the character’s path and the little tie-ins to previous novels.

My favorite book by Michael Connelly is when he introduces Reporter Jack McEvoy in The Poet. Now part of me was always excited and intrigued about this book because it was about a reporter’s perspective on crime and that’s when I got really into crime novels. I got even more excited when Connelly came out with Detective Renée Ballard’s first book, The Late Show.

Now I love a good novel with a strong female lead, but holy moly is Renée Ballard a badass. This chick doesn’t take anything from anybody. Her perseverance as a detective pays off in the end, but also gets her into a little trouble.

The book has wonderful character development and a great plot with twists and turns that kept me wanting more and reading chapter after chapter. The story-line really flows and develops as it goes. Renée’s character and what she experiences really highlights the women in law enforcement and how vital they can be to an investigation because of their different perspective and insight.

Overall, I found the book very empowering with the female lead and the reality that women face in law enforcement brought to light through the writing of Michael Connelly.

If you are a crime novel lover and seeking a story with a female lead check out Michael Connelly’s The Late Show. 

Stay tuned for my next two book reviews: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr


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