Book Review: “Scrappy Little Nobody”

Book one of my 2019 Reading Challenge is complete.

Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody

Some background to this book… I picked it up back in June with my close friend with the intention of us reading it together and gossiping like little girls about it. Now I was the bad friend that took forever to finish a different book that I was already reading at the time, but alas I have finished the book and now we can talk all about it G.

I have never read a biography that wasn’t for a school project so I was tying to keep an open mind when starting the book. I was pleasantly surprised within the first couple chapters that Kendrick is genuine. She truly speaks her mind and doesn’t leave out any detail in all her stories, embarrassing or not.

The biggest takeaway that I got from the book was that not all celebrities had it easy and not all of them live in the massive LA mansion. Kendrick’s tales about starting on Broadway as a young child and moving up to movies in Hollywood were filled with genuine struggles, great laughs and personal lessons learned. Her experiences are far from what I would ever personally experience myself, but it was relatable. Kendrick’s quirky, scrappy little attitude was amusing but also heartwarming in a sense that she truly wrote how she felt and wasn’t afraid of what people would think. She didn’t focus on the glamour of being a movie star, she focused on being human and that’s what made her story that much better.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has ever felt like they are an outsider and have no one to relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed Scrappy Little Nobody and I wish the best of luck to Anna Kendrick in her future endeavors. I really hope you write another book Anna.


Stay tuned for my next book review: The Late Show by Michael Connelly


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