Why Living with Your Mom Post-Grad isn’t a Bad Thing

As I promised from my post The Art of Packing… and Unpacking an update on my housing status (a bit late I know, but bear with me here).

My hardworking mother bought a house this summer and I decided to save some of my earnings and live with her. We moved from our two bedroom apartment to a four bedroom house with a yard and plenty of space.

As a recent grad, I worried about the cost of housing and moving to a new area where I (gasp) might have to live with random roommates just to afford to eat. Some might say I took the easy way out when I decided to live with my mom in my hometown. Well, let me tell you…

it was the best decision ever.

I know a lot of people recently have been choosing to live with their parents as I have. Housing is just so expensive and after rent, take home earrings are usually just enough to eat, but not out of course. There goes your social life and you better hope to god your car doesn’t break down.

It’s common to get odd looks or get pummeled with questions about why you would EVER move back in with your parents, but it’s the best financial option today.

My mom and I have a great relationship (way different from when I was in high school) so getting along isn’t a problem. She gives me my space and allows me to do whatever I want/need to do. Of course, there are some downsides. It would be weird if there wasn’t any.

My mom has a tendency to sometimes act like a total mom. She wants to know when I’ll be home (mostly because of the dinner thing) but also because she just wants to know. She also sometimes gets butthurt when I don’t stay in the living room after dinner. I get that she wants some company, but also sometimes I really just want to be in bed watching Netflix and the like.

So to answer some of those questions for anyone that is unsure about the choice to make the move into your old room, yes it’s weird at first but so so worth it.

  • Is it like going back in time to high school where you don’t have any freedom?

No, but my mom was really chill in high school and I had a ton of freedom to begin with. I do have to say that she has gone back to texting me when I’ll be home. BUT mostly to know if I’ll be eating dinner (see question below).

  • Ummm no more privacy?!?

I have a ton of privacy, but obviously not nearly as much as I would if I lived alone. I basically have my own side of the house, bathroom included so privacy isn’t a huge issue. 

  • Do you pay rent?

Yes, but a very small amount. My mom didn’t ask for it, but I figured it was the right thing to do. 

  • How do meals/food work?

My mom cooks for me most nights. She’s already making a meal so I just join. I in return make dinner when I can. Now with food, in general, I pay for what I want. If I want something specific I buy it when I do my own grocery shopping. 

  • Do you still have friends over?

Of course. Just because I live with my mom doesn’t mean she dictates every aspect of my social life.

  • Do you feel awkward when your boyfriend comes over?

My mom knows I’m an adult so there’s no awkwardness when it comes to the boyfriend coming over. He’s welcome whenever and that’s cause it’s my house too.

  • Do you really save money?

YES! I am saving so much and I get more than just saving money because I get fed. My mom cooks me dinner and she pays the internet, TV and all the utilities…

It’s seriously the best decision I could have made straight out of college. Of course, I won’t be living with my mother forever, but because I’m saving I’ll have money in the bank for the deposit, first and last months rent and whatever moving expenses might come up.

Another nice benefit from all the saving is that I am paying down my debt from school, my car and those pesky credit cards.

All in all, I find living with my mom to be a great decision and I don’t think anyone should be ashamed or feel weird about it.

I hope this helps anyone that is considering the move back to mom’s and feel free to ask more questions below in the comments.

Of course I don’t plan on staying with mom for the rest of my life, so stay tuned for any updates as usual.


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