The Art of Giving

Last Thursday the University of Oregon had its third annual #DucksGive event. As someone who works directly with Annual Giving for the university, this day is very special to me. It’s also my third and final #DucksGive as a student fundraiser.

I began as a student fundraiser my freshman year in the fall and this year I will finish my spring term as a senior as a student supervisor. The Annual Giving Program Telefund was my first and only college job. I never thought in a million years that I would have the confidence to cold call people and ask them for money, but I did, and $33,000 later I can say that I feel like I’ve made an impact at the UO.

The #DucksGive event also makes a large impact on the University and I’m always proud to say that I’m a part of that day. This year we broke records and brought in $1,011,000 through 1,900 donations. Next year I hope to get a call from a student and donate myself on that day.

Many people don’t know about the importance of donating to academics because they don’t realize that majority of tuition doesn’t cover all the extras. The wonderful programs on the all the Mac computers in Allen Hall that I use every term aren’t covered by tuition. The advising that helps us all stay on track to graduate isn’t covered by tuition. All the little things that students take for granted are most likely because an alum, a parent or a friend of the university took the time to say “Yeah, I’ll give $50.”

Over the past three years, I’ve gained skills that not only allowed me to feel more comfortable as a verbal communicator but also more comfortable as an advocate. I advocate for affordable education and the resources to make that education the best it can be.

As a former student caller from the University of Oregon to a supervisor about to graduate and leave an alumna, I hope to give back like all that have before me.

Thank you #DucksGive for being a wonderful success.

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