Crash Course: Building Your Personal Brand

If you’ve ever taken a weekend class or workshop in a condensed time period you know how hard it is to try to get as much information absorbed as possible.

This past weekend I took my second weekend-workshop at the SOJC focused on building my own personal brand and working on my public relations portfolio. At the end of this term, I will be presenting my portfolio to a panel of professionals. Nervous? You bet.

The biggest takeaway from the workshop was to always put in my personal touch and to always keep it simple. If you get to crazy with the Canva templates it’s going to look too busy and you’re going to lose your audience.

I was able to step out of my comfort zone during the workshop as well. We were all tasked to create an elevator speech in 10 minutes and present it to the class. I was extremely nervous but it was great practice. I’ve learned that my phone calling skills have transferred to my public speaking skills.

Being confident is key.

On the portfolio side of things, simplicity is important and presenting your work in the form of a story is what’s going to make you unique and standout. The challenge is picking the best story and the best pieces to accommodate that story.

I’m still working on my own personal portfolio piece, but I know with the help of my professor Kathryn Kuttis, I’ll hopefully find the best of the best to display.

Stay tuned for the final product!

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