The Oregon Trip +2

I’ve been really behind on these posts, but I think it’s about time I buckled down and wrote about my spring break.

I was fortunate enough to have my two best friends from back home come to visit me here in Oregon. They both have never been so it was fun to explore and take them all around.

We started on the coast and were able to catch this beautiful sunset. Of course, the first day was beautiful, but in true Oregon fashion, the weather turned cold and rainy. That didn’t keep us from exploring and having a good time.


I was also able to show them the beautiful Oregon campus that I fell in love with and Eugene’s finest hike, Spencer Butte.

We also spent a day wandering around in Bend where I haven’t spent much time before.

We then finished off the trip up north near Mt. Hood and Hood River where my friend Olivia was able to see the historic Timberline Lodge.

It seemed like a short trip that ended too quickly, but it was fun nonetheless. It’s always great spending time with old friends. Even though we all went our separate ways for college, we always manage to keep in touch.

This was my first time really exploring Oregon, even though I’ve been here for three years. It was made even better with my two best friends.


Travel is a passion I have that has been on hold because of my education and well, lack of funds. Travelling is important to the soul in my opinion and essential to happiness. I’m hoping this summer when I’m more free that I can travel or at least go on some short adventures locally in Colorado.



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