Winter Term, Status: Complete

I’m a little late on this post, but my last winter term at the University of Oregon is complete and the next, and final step, is spring term.

Winter term was full of late nights and busy weekends. Classes were challenging, but then again they might have only seemed that way because senioritis has definitely kicked in. My public relations class that I had to make a separate blog for was the one that required the most work.

The class definitely tested my writing and communication skills, but I feel like I’ve become a better writer because of all the challenges. I thankfully have the same professor for my final, capstone class this term which is hopefully going to be fun and not super stressful. A girl can dream, right?

The other class that I was super sad to see end was my Strategic Social Media class with my favorite professor and advisor Kelli Matthews. It was a great class that I learned so much in. We were grouped up and paired with a real-world client that need help with their social media and I was lucky enough to be assigned Food for Lane County which is Eugene’s local food bank distributor. The project was a huge success and it resulted in me interning for them this spring!

It will be my first ever internship so I’m excited but also very nervous. I’ll keep you updated on that.

The other classes I had were good but not as exciting as my major classes. ASL, of course, is great and I’m learning a ton from that as well.

Overall it was a great term and I’m super excited for spring term. It’s my last term of college so it’s essentially the last hoorah.

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