A Quick Trip to Canada

Over this past weekend, I was thankful enough to travel to Vancouver, BC to attend Alpha Phi Omega’s Section 8 Conference. I was voted in by my chapter as a voting delegate so I was in charge of voting for positions and awards on behalf of Zeta Psi, the University of Oregon’s APO chapter.

The conference was only three days at the University of British Columbia but packed with fun events and seminars. I was able to attend a seminar that is part of a series called LEADS: Achieve. The seminar included a lot of helpful information on group work and dynamics and how to best apply it to our chapter. It was also very beneficial for a graduating college senior that is about to venture into the professional world in June.


The chapter hosting the conference, Alpha Canada also put on a great banquet with a featured speech from our National President who traveled from Missouri to celebrate the first ever international section conference. The banquet also included various awards and even some performances from the Alpha Canada chapter. My chapter, Zeta Psi, was fortunate enough to win a chapter excellence award for our fellowship program.



Another great aspect of this short trip was that I was able to spend it with my big Gabriella. She has become a huge part of my college life and we were able to bond even more. Of course, we had to take a goofy prom picture to commemorate the event too. I also got to meet her other little that is now the president of a chapter in Alaska.



This amazing organization has so many connections across the United States and now in Canada and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. Joining last year was one of the best decisions I have ever made in college and I’m hoping I am able to continue my connection with APO after I graduate.

Thanks to all the brothers that have welcomed me into Alpha Phi Omega and a bigger thanks for the opportunity to represent our chapter at our section conference.

In leadership, friendship and service.


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