My Patagonia Phobia

So I’ve always been a dedicated Columbia Sportswear consumer and by dedicated, I mean I pretty much vowed to never buy Patagonia, North Face or really any other outdoor clothing brand. I’ve always been extremely happy with Columbia’s clothing and have never had a problem finding things that I need or items that are simply on my wish list.

Because of this love for one specific brand, I’ve limited my buying options and was okay with it for the most part. I never found a need to read into other brands unless they were hanging in the outdoor store that I work at in Colorado (Never Summer Mountain Products).  Patagonia wasn’t a brand we carried so I wasn’t too invested in learning about the company further.

Recently, for my class blog, I looked closer at the Patagonia brand and reflected on its response to President Trump’s order to decrease the size of two protected national monuments in Utah back in early December. Essentially the president decided that the lands could be used differently and decreased the two areas from a combined total of 3.25 million acres to under 1.25 million acres. For more specifics, I suggest reading this CNN article.

Patagonia’s response to the announcement was monumental (see what I did there?) If you visited its website on December 4th you would have been greeted by this screen:Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.56.20 PM

What an inspirational PR move. After doing some research for my post, I found out that Patagonia is dedicated to nature conservancy so much that 10% of its profits are filtered into the conservation of the natural environment that the company’s consumers value so much.

I was presently surprised by the company’s dedication and am thinking about expanding my Columbia heavy wardrobe and adding a Patagonia piece or two. I will still remain a dedicated Columbia consumer because my love for its products will remain strong, but I foresee a Patagonia fleece pullover in my future.

If you want to read my full post about Patagonia’s response, check out my other blog.

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