The PR Class Blog for the PR Major

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I am in a PR class that is all writing all the time. Part of that writing is blog posts, so instead of having those take over my personal blog (here). I created another site where I’ll post twice a week for my class. If I find the post worthy of this blog I will put it here as well.

My first post had to come from an article that my professor posted on her blog and we had to link it back to our own blog’s theme. Mine, of course, follows my passion for the outdoors and the PR world within the outdoor recreation industry. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m very excited for it.


It’s only the end of week three for me, but the workload has finally hit. I have writing assignments and midterms that have deadlines fast approaching. My planner is full but I thankfully have some fun events sprinkled here and there to keep my sanity.

As always, stay tuned for more.


Photo courtesy of Lukas Blazek –

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