New Year Resolutions

Well, I haven’t exactly been updating this website very often, with portfolio pieces or blog posts. So it seems fit that my first post of the year is about New Year’s Resolutions and the first one, to post on here more often.

I have never set New Year’s Resolutions because I honestly felt they were cheesy and usually easy to push aside. This year, I came up with a couple resolutions that I hope I can stick to.

  1. Post on my blog more often (post suggestions welcome).
  2. Spend less on pointless things. I’m addicted to Hobby Lobby, Target, dollar stores, you name it, and always buy things that I don’t need and then wonder why I have no money in my bank account.
  3. Eat less sugar. This is going to be the hardest, damn Oreos.
  4. Workout more. Ha. Ain’t I unique?
  5. More yoga. I thought that this could be included in working out, but I feel like yoga is more relaxing than working out. It’s basically meditating and you can do it whenever.
  6. Volunteer more. I already volunteer with the national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega that I am apart of (see my APO Media Work page) but I want to try to help even more organizations this year, even after I graduate.
  7. Spend more time with family and friends. Graduation is just six months away and getting to spend time with friends and family is going to be very important.
  8. Clean out the old. The most basic, but most important. It’s time to get rid of old clothes, old grudges, old feelings and thoughts and move on to the future where everything could be just a bit brighter.

Stay tuned for how these resolutions pan out as the year goes by!

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